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ifitsalright's Journal

It's a love story baby just say yes.
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My name is Ashleigh, though people often call me Ali.

I am a student (translated this means I occasionally go to class and spend too much time and money doing very stupid things) at Bangor University (UWB) which is about an 8 hour car journey, on a good day, from where I live. I study psychology, which involves entirely too much time spent on statistics, but I love psychology and I honestly don't know where I'd be without it. It gives me the tools and reasoning to understand myself the people in my world and I will use it on you if we spend enough time talking :)

I want to be a forensic psychologist and work in prison or with the police aiding in murder investigations and profiling (or a bit of all of it mixed together). I don't know why I'm drawn to murder, it's fascinated me from about the age of four when I would scare myself by reading articles about it in the newspaper and now I love crime fiction, crime dramas on tv and horror films. Maybe it's the idea that there are people out there who are so innately different from the general population that intrigues me, maybe it's our natural inclination towards violence (Freudian belief that we all harbour the ability to kill, some of us are just more able to balance that with our knowledge of the correct way to behave)... Who knows.

I'm a little creative, I love photoshop and sony vegas and spending time coming up with crazy random videos that hopefully make sense to all that watch them and not just me. I like stories, especially ones between two people.

I spend too much of my time watching tv :)

I will happily chat to anyone so feel free to add me, I don't bite!


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